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Vantage school has developed a unique and efficient method of teaching English to non-native English speakers. In our multimedia intensive program, students will quickly and effectively develop their English listening, speaking, writing, and reading comprehension skills. Because of our innovative teaching system, our students intuitively learn to use English more naturally. Over time, English becomes more of a second native language for our students, rather than a foreign language.


When studying a foreign language, there are many methods that can be used. We believe that a logical and systematic approach is the best way to go. We also include a great deal of audio and visual learning materials that help our students to absorb the language in both written and verbal forms. This method also allows us to help the students to successfully and confidently express the language orally.


In order to master ESL you must become proficient not only in reading, but also in vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and the ability to understand native speakers. Students who intend to enroll in universities in the United States will be expected to take written and oral tests just as any other native English speaker does. In order to succeed students must have well rounded preparation in the language.


In order to learn effectively, students must be provided with the proper environment and curriculum. Through years of experience, Vantage School has developed its own learning materials that can be adjusted to perfectly fit the diverse needs of our students. All teaching materials and software have been carefully chosen to meet the skill and background of our students. Additionally, each student is provided with materials based on his/her current ability, as well as his/her rate of progress in learning. Students at Vantage School are provided with a unique experience that will foster their growth and success in their English mastery.



Dr. John C. Luong (MIT, Ph.D.)

Hiroko K. Luong (Master of A., Massachusetts State University)


Track Record (alumni) :

Tokyo University U.C. Berkeley Keio High School
Hitotsubashi University U.C. Los Angeles Doshisha High School
Yokohama National University U.C. Davis International Christian Highschool
Keio University U.C. Riverside Todaiji High School
Sophia University U.C. Santa Barbara Kansai Gakuin University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Doshisha University   Keio Middle School
International Christian University   Obirin Middle School