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and affiliates in several cities in Japan

This course offers a very practical approach to learning English effectively. The class will be taught completely in English, however for students who need assistance, Japanese may be used. As the course progresses, the students will be expected to use more and more English.


In the class the weaknesses of each student will be identified and improved on. For 3 hours and 30 minutes each day, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Grammar, and Vocabulary will be practiced in our friendly English immersion environment. Vantage also tries to match up Japanese students with Native English speakers who wish to be language exchange partners. This gives our Japanese students a chance to make friends and practice their English in a casual environment outside of class.


9:00AM - 10:30AM

Listening Class

Discussion about Listening Topics

10:30AM - 12:00

Reading Class

Discussion about Reading Topics

12:00 - 12:30PM


Presentation of Composition


Individual and Cultural Activities

Note: People who cannot attended extra activities will have extra class work.


Afternoon Activity Options

Sightseeing in the City, Hiking in the Mountains and National Parks, Shopping, Tours of Local Universities, Art Museums, Movies, Concerts, Cultural Events, Theme Parks, Dancing and Wine Tasting (for those over 21 years of age) and even Horseback Riding   (Some Additional Cost May Apply for Activities)


Afternoon Class:
Personal Lessons:$40/hour
Arts & Crafts (Painting, Drawing, and Others):$20 - $30/class



Per Person

Vantage Lesson Cost

Airport Transfer




Hotel Cost (13 days) Shared with another student 

$600 (Varies Slightly)

$750 (3.5hours/day)





Homestay (Placement Fee: additional $250)


$750 (3.5hours/day)





(Note:) Hotel:

Breakfast is included Monday-Sunday, Bed making and room cleaning is performed daily. Students staying in the hotels should be able to regulate their own schedule and make it to and from school by them selves.



Students will stay with American families and be treated as a family member. Staying with a host family gives students the chance to experience life in an American family and provides many extra opportunities for learning the English language and American Culture.  Food and amenities provided will vary depending on the family (Host families are carefully selected and the students will be introduced prior to arrival)



Winchester Mystery House

160 room Victorian Mansion, designed and built by the Winchester Rifle heiress. Filled with many unexplained oddities, many believe that the house is haunted.


The Tech Museum of Innovation
Museum of Technology in Downtown San Jose (also IMAX Movie Theater)

Filoli: Garden and lunch


Stanford University:
One of the oldest and most prestigious universities in California. World renown MBA, Law, and Political Science programs.

Stanford Shopping Center:
Located near Stanford University, Stanford Shopping Center offers a wide variety of high class shopping.


Santana Row:
Located in San Jose, this high class shopping area is like a miniature city. Many unique restaurants and shops all within walking distance. 


Valley Fair
The biggest shopping mall in San Jose, Valley fair has over 290 stores. You can find anything that you are looking for within this mall.


San Jose Flea Market
Each week you can find thousands of people selling, hand made goods, used or discounted items, and many fresh foods. This outdoor market is the biggest in our area and is a great place to find a good bargain.


San Francisco is less than an hour away by train and offers countless famous sightseeing locations. (It is best to plan trips to the City for the weekends.)