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Welcome to our school

Vantage School is where students can enhance their English language skills crucial to academic success in American schools and universities, as well as in the business world. We provide a variety of English classes for students who plan to matriculate to U.S. universities, as well as for businessmen who need to better understand the subtleties of English in the business world. Fundamental courses are also offered to enrich everyone who desires to communicate effectively in English.


Young children usually have the capacity to absorb English (or any foreign language) and begin speaking fluent English in relatively short period of time if they are totally immersed in an environment where English is spoken routinely. However, these children tend to lose their new language skill just as quickly when they return to an environment where they are no longer exposed to English regularly. To minimize such regression, we, at Vantage School, emphasize on vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing through an iterative approach to learning. We also offer our internet based E-Tutor program for students returning to Japan to continue to excel.


This individualized course is for business executives who may already have knowledge of English or would like to raise their English to the next level. In business, effective interpersonal communication skill is particularly important. Your personality, intelligence, and integrity are often determined by what you say and how you say it. This makes the value of your language skill priceless in the business world. Based on your background and needs, we will customize your course work to help you reach your goals faster.


In most ESL classes in the USA, students learn basic English skills including vocabulary, reading, grammar, and listening. Students of many nationalities and language backgrounds are all taught in the same classes. We believe that the same English class does not meet the same needs of every native language. Vantage School uses a unique and efficient method to adjust to each student's language ability so that each student can excel at his/her own pace. Our system's holistic approach consists of simultaneous advancement in four fronts: Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading Comprehension.


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