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Vantage Sunnyvale
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Sunnyvale CA 94087
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Vantage San Mateo
1000 Park Place, Suite O
San Mateo, CA 94403
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and affiliates in several cities in Japan


Many classes are offered year round at our Sunnyvale and San Mateo campuses. You can find the class that matches your needs.


EtutorE-tutor is a class that you can take at any time and from anywhere in the world. From your own home and at your convenience you can speak with a native English speaker. The class includes many subjects from English Conversation to preparation for the TOFEL and SAT exams. This class is perfect for students returning to Japan who wish to keep up on their English as well as those who want to prepare for a trip to the United States.

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Vantage offers Winter Break, Winter Camp, Spring Break, and Summer Camp Intensive Courses each year. These are great opportunities to learn English at an accelerated rate in a short period of time. Come and participate in our Short-Term camps and learn the Vantage way.


Currently Offered Courses

2008 Winter Break Camp (High School)

2008 Winter Break Camp (Elementary、Middle School)
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There is no better way to learn English than to study in America. Come study with us and make new friends!

Our short term study abroad offers an excellent way to learn English and experience the culture of America. Our highly developed curriculum will help transform each students English ability step by step while they are in class, and offer them a wonderful experience outside of the classroom.
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