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Vantage Conversation School's E-Tutor


With the advancement of globalization、the number of parents who want their children to recieve English Language Education is rapidly increasing.

However, English Education in Japan does not does not offer the practical experience necessary to master the language. No matter how long you study, if you do not have interaction with native speakers, it will be difficult to truly become fluent.


Even if you attend an English Conversation Class with a native speaker, you usually have to wait for a long time to speak with the instructor. This makes improving your English take longer than it should.

Etutor was developed on the premise that children can learn English faster when they are young and have the chance to speak with native speakers. Etutor allows for students to learn English conversation naturally and quickly.


With Etutor you can have fun while you learn English in your own home. You can speak with an native English Speaker online and download worksheets to complete on your own. The class will progress at your own pace and you can arrange your next lesson at any time.


You can download the worksheets as many times as you want, and when they are completed send them to our American headquarters where they will be graded and returned to you within 24 hours.



Etutor subjects also include preparation for the TOEFL and SAT examinations。Please contact us if you wish to request a detailed list of available Etutor courses.